Library System

The Library System is based on Alma from Ex Libris and supports the entire suite of library operations.

Open institutional archives

BIBSYS Brage facilitates the publishing and communication of research and student work in open institutional archives.

Librarysearch - Oria

Oria is a discovery tool/search engine that allows you to search the library’s resources, books, articles, magazines, music, movies and online resources etc. Se also Inter-Library-Loan via Oria from external libraries.

Educational technology

BIBSYS offers Canvas and edX for MOOCs at Norwegian universities and colleges. BIBSYS also offers the portal as an overview of all Norwegian MOOCs, regardless of the platform being used. BIBSYS is also providing the learning object repository – DLR for use by Norwegian higher education institutions.

Library Services Platform

BIBSYS entered into a contract to acquire the new Library Services Platform Alma from Ex Libris in 2013. Alma is implemented for the BIBSYS Library System Consortium in Q4-2015.